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Aug 10, 2019

If you notice you are feeling bored, it means you've probably been thinking about how you have nothing you want to do. In general feeling bored means you need more engagement, and that's all.

How quickly do we jump into exaggerated thoughts about this condition though? How quickly does a simple, "I'm bored" turn into "My LIFE is so boring" or "Everyone else is having so much fun" or worse of all we can jump right into an existential crisis with "What am I even doing here?!"

What needs to happen is we need to interrupt a thought pattern like that very early in the chain of thoughts long before we get to the fit throwing stage.

We need to form a new thought habit. We need to diminish the angst around being bored and know we can find our way out of it through rest or soaking up some nature time or, easiest to apply in any situation, change the direction of our thoughts.